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All In One

Need a website, but you’re a technophobe?

Did your website just get hacked, and you’re not prepared to build it again?

Do you hate your current website, but don’t have the money to do it again?

If you’re a new business owner, or even one who’s been around but now needs a new website, I offer affordable professional WordPress website design.

I can give you a sleek, professional, dynamic web presence for a fraction of what you pay elsewhere.


Well, like you, I’m also a business owner.

And like you, I also was faced with the dilemma of either sacrificing time or money to create a web presence for my business.

I didn’t have thousands of dollars, but I knew I was pretty tech savvy, and I had a love of learning, so I taught myself the tools I needed to do the job myself.

I learned a lot, tried all kinds of tools, and even made a bunch of mistakes along the way - mistakes you don’t have to make yourself!

And I ended up with a great combination of some pretty cool skills.

I don’t call myself a web guru, but I’m pretty damn savvy, and I love the combination of tech and creativity that comes with web design.

I’ve tried other website content management systems (CMS - that’s web speak for a platform, or program, that lets you build websites without knowing a lot of code), and I keep coming back to WordPress because it offers the most functionality.

And I actually do know a lot of code, so I can go beyond the ‘What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get’ features of WordPress.

Here’s what I love about WordPress

1. Although it is a little more complicated than some other DIY website options, WordPress also comes with a lot more functionality than any other CMS. With the right plugin, your WordPress site can do almost anything. And I totally understand WordPress and I will design your site for you, so you can easily get the best site possible at an incredibly reasonable price.

2. If you’re trying to create passive income through memberships, e-Courses, or subscriptions, WordPress is your best option. I can build an additional membership site for you that is consistent with the branding of your main site, using the MemberPress plugin. Trying to do Webinars, your best option again is WordPress!*

3. WordPress was originally designed for blogging, and is still the best blogging platform that you can host on your own domain. I will make your blog beautiful. And then I will train you on the easy peasy steps to posting your own blog and sending it out to your email list.

4. The Divi theme was made for WordPress. This theme makes building engaging and creative designs for your site incredibly easy. It’s a theme that eliminates the need for so many other plugins and is both powerful and flexible, and it keeps getting better all the time. I’ve done several sites now with Divi, and none of them look the same. But they all look very professional.

5. There are awesome WordPress plugins that make it incredibly easy to secure your site without spending $100s of dollars a year. Although I can’t guarantee your site won’t get hacked, I build your site with iThemes Security Pro and Backup Buddy, some of the best WordPress security and WordPress website backup plugins available. These two plugins make it harder for hackers to attack your site, and make it easy to restore your site in the event that it does get hacked. These two plugins are included in the price for your site.**

And I’m not just Web savvy.

Because I’m a business owner who has had to teach herself almost everything about building a business, I know A LOT about what it takes to build a business. 

I’ve studied online business building with Marie Forleo’s B-School, copy writing with Marie Forleo, premium package building with Bill Baren, the art of persuasion with Bushra Azhar, and e-course building with Katherine Hocking.

I have the know-how to make sure your site draws your ideal client in. I understand email and social marketing and can create opt-in opportunities on your site and connect your site to your list to make it easy for you to build your email list.

I can edit your images, create a fillable PDF out of your opt-in, give you feedback on the effectiveness of your copy on your website, and a host of other things that are too numerous to name.

I’m also a teacher with online teaching and course development experience.

I’m not just about HTML and CSS. I’ve had to teach myself almost everything, and I’m here to make it just a little bit easier for you.

So, if you’re ready to hang your virtual shingle, and do it right, fill out the contact form below and let’s get started.

*Membership and webinar sites are an additional fee. I do not include this kind of functionality on a main website because other plugins often conflict with their functionality. (Something I’ve learned from my own trial and error, so I’ll save you the major frustration!) They can also be resource intensive and may slow down your main site.

**I have a developer’s license for many premium plugins which allow me to create great designs for a postive user experience.  Should your site need additional plugins for added functionality, licensing fees for those plugins will be the responsibility of the client. iThemes has instructions on how to restore your site, should you need to. If needed, I can also restore your site for an additional fee.


***I do recommend you purchase a maintenance package beyond the orignal fee (maintenance packages start at $150/year.) The maintenance package means that I ensure WordPress and other plugins are updated regularly to ensure the most security of your site, and it also means that I continue to cover the license fees for any premium plugins on your site. Please see the FAQ page for more info. 

I hated my site and I was full of website shame. And I didn’t even build my site. I paid someone who built a site that couldn’t even do some very key functions. I was hesitant to pay someone again, but I’m so glad I hired Madeleine. She is so knowledgeable about effective web design. She didn’t just build the site, she gave me suggestions and guided me in changes that made my site effectively engage my ideal client. And my site is BEAUTIFUL now! And Madeleine did that all for an incredibly reasonable price. I will absolutely be going back to her for my next website, too.

Debra Payne

Coach & CEO

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