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Please fill out all fields that apply.

  • Ex – (“inform people of our services” • “attract potential customers” • “get people to call us” • “get people to sign up” • “get people to donate to our cause”)
  • Ex – (call, purchase, sign up, donate)
  • Ex – (blog, events, picture galleries, e-commerce, membership site, etc)
  • Ex – (4-5, home, about us, contact us, our services, FAQ)
  • (Please note, if GoDaddy is your current hosting provider, I will not be able to develop your site unless you change hosting providers to one which allows me access to the hosting file server. GoDaddy does not currently allow this and I cannot migrate your site from the development site to your URL without this.)
  • Please let me know in the final question the extent to which you would like to do any of this work yourself or if you would prefer me to do it.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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