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How long have you been in business?

2 years. This is how long others have been paying me to design and build their sites. I’ve been learning about web design and building my own sites for much longer than that, however. That’s closer to 5 years.

What types of clients do you work with most frequently?

Most of the clients I work with are small business owners with either no or a very small staff. This is the clientele I cater to - I want to help these kinds of business owners create a quality web presence for a reasonable price. I help them go into business, and they help me build my own business since my web design work supports me in building my other passions.

How many people will be working on the site? Who do I speak with and who does the building and designing?

I am a one-woman show. You will speak with me, and I do all the work.

Do you host the site or do I?

You do. I can recommend the following hosting providers:

I am not paid by either hosting company but have worked with both. I recommend them because they are reasonably priced, I know they provide clients with access to the hosting file server (an essential), and they have excellent customer service. The latter is essential to any small business owner who is not super tech savvy. Their customer service can explain things in plain English. I personally use InMotion Hosting for my own sites.

Will I have full access to the site once it is launched?

Yes. Once you complete the final payment, I will provide you with your own login and password on your site. If you feel comfortable doing so, you will be able to make whatever changes you like on the site. Your site will also have a training video right in the WordPress dashboard showing you how your Divi theme works, and how to do basic things on your site like updating text, creating a page, posting a blog post, creating another page, and monitoring comments.

What happens if my site goes down?

All is not lost! Your site will be built with Backup Buddy, a plugin that will regularly back up your site and send backups to your designated destination. Your site can easily be restored in about an hour. N.B. You can either restore your site yourself for free if you feel comfortable with that, or I can restore it for my one-hour fee.

How are updates handled?

That depends on whether or not you purchase a maintenance and/or update package. I offer a maintenance package where I will update WordPress and all themes and plugins on your site on a monthly basis. I will also respond to all security alerts on your site and host up to 4 complete site and 10 database backups in my own cloud storage account. Should you wish me to complete other updates such as posting blog posts, I will offer you a proposal for those updates based on your specific update needs (e.g. how often you intend to post a blog.)

How does email work for my site?

Depending on the hosting provider you choose, you will be able to create a certain number of email addresses with your hosting account. I can create those addresses and forward them (say to your gmail account) or provide you with directions for configuring them with your email service provider.

Will you install Google analytics?

If you request that, yes. I will need your Google credentials to be able to configure the plugin.

Do you do SEO for the site?

I do basic SEO work for your site using the All in One SEO plugin and image compression. With this plugin, I create all the basic meta data for your site, including social meta. I also create a sitemap of your site to link with Google search, and I use image compression services to compress large images to help your pages load faster and score higher in Google search. I do not do keyword research - this is the responsibility of the client. Additionally, keywords in the site’s meta info are no longer recognized by Google. Google search only recognizes keywords within the site’s content. Because the client writes the copy for the site, it is up to the client to determine the relevant keywords and ensure they figure prominently in the content and headers.

I do not do keyword research - this is the responsibility of the client. Additionally, keywords in the site’s meta info are no longer recognized by Google. Google search only recognizes keywords within the site’s content. Because the client writes the copy for the site, it is up to the client to determine the relevant keywords and ensure they figure prominently in the content and header text. I will certainly provide feedback in this area, however.

Do you use forms? Are those forms held in a database on my website or simply sent to my inbox?

Yes. I use the Divi contact form module and/or Gravity Forms on all the sites I build. Both will both store form entries on your website and send you an email notification each time a form is completed on your site.

Do you build e-commerce and membership sites? If yes, which platform will you use and why?

Yes, I build both. I am experienced using both WooCommerce for e-commerce sites and with MemberPress for membership sites. Both of these plugins work well with the Divi theme and are either free or very reasonably priced. I am particularly skilled in building membership sites as I have significant training in online learning. I design all relevant membership sites according to the Quality Matters standards for online learning.

What types of security will be on my website?

I build all my sites with iThemes Security Pro. This plugin blocks common suspicious behavior and blacklisted IP addresses, among many other things. I also install WordPress manually so that I can change the default WordPress settings that make it easier for hackers to get into your site. Should your site still get hacked, your site is also backed up with the Backup Buddy plugin, making it pretty easy to restore.

Do you use free or premium plugins? If premium, do I have the license key or do you? Will they need to be renewed at some point and if yes, how much will that cost?

I use both. Most of the premium plugins I use are plugins for which I have a developer’s license. And yes, those licenses do need to be renewed. If you purchase a maintenance package, the fee for that package covers renewal fees for premium plugins used on your site. If I cannot get a developer’s license for a plugin, I will ask you to purchase the plugin. Most people purchase the minimum maintenance package, but if you do not wish to purchase the package, we can discuss which plugins are used on your site.

How long will it take to get my site live?

That depends mostly on you. Assuming you have provided me with all the assets (copy, branding info, logo, images) I need for the site, I can typically complete a draft of a 5-10 page site in 2-4 weeks. Some clients request more revisions than others, and this obviously increases the time required to complete a site. Please see the Getting Started page for more information on the process.

Do you have any references?

Absolutely! Please email me at the address in the navigation bar and I will email you references.

How many sites do you work on at the same time?

I try to limit the number of projects I have to 4-5 a month. This can sometimes change depending on whether or not I’m waiting for material, feedback, or approval from clients on current projects.

Will you be creating any new accounts for me (MailChimp, Gmail, etc.)?

I typically do not create those accounts for you. Once you’ve created those accounts, I will connect your site to them and ensure any opt-ins developed on your site connect with the relevant email service.

Do you set up social media profiles?

I do offer a social media package in addition to my web services. If you request this package, I can create optimized images as well as templates for memes for your social media accounts. If you wish for me to include a social media package in the quote, please indicate that in the final question of the Website Questionnaire. If you provide me with your login credentials, I will upload images to your relevant profiles.

Will we have a contract?

Yes. You can see a sample contract here and a sample proposal here.

Who writes the copy?

You do. I have training in website copy writing and will certainly provide guidance and feedback. However, you know your business far better than I do.

Do I supply the images or you? If you, how do I know they fall under the creative commons and I am free to use them? If they will be purchased, do I get approval before you buy?

You supply the images. I can design images in PhotoShop where necessary. This is how you know they are legal to use, because I created them. Here are some free royalty-free image sites:

If you do not find anything, I can search through paid images sites such as iStock and suggest images that I think would work well for your site. If you wish to use the premium images I suggest, you purchase those images and place them in our shared Dropbox folder so I can access them for your site.

Also, in the contract you sign before I begin the work, you agree that any content you provide to me, including images, you legally have the right to use.

How many revisions can I make during the build process?

I allow 4-5 revisions with the agreed-upon fee. To help ensure that I’m designing something to your needs and desires, I typically will ask you to provide me with links to 4-5 sites that you really like with explanations about what exactly you like about them. I do not copy other sites, but this information gives me an idea of what you’re looking for. It’s best if clients do not send revisions piecemeal, but rather as a complete list. This helps ensure I do not miss any changes you’ve requested.

Will I get trained on the site after it's launched?

Yes. You will have a client-specific training video right within your WordPress dashboard with links to the most common actions WordPress users take on their sites.

Madeleine Sophie Craig

Madeleine Sophie Craig

WordPress Web Designer

I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur with a love for learning tech.

I hated my site and I was full of website shame. And I didn’t even build my site. I paid someone who built a site that couldn’t even do some very key functions. I was hesitant to pay someone again, but I’m so glad I hired Madeleine. She is so knowledgeable about effective web design. She didn’t just build the site, she gave me suggestions and guided me in changes that made my site effectively engage my ideal client. And my site is BEAUTIFUL now! And Madeleine did that all for an incredibly reasonable price. I will absolutely be going back to her for my next website, too.

Debra Payne

Coach & CEO, Debra J Payne Coaching

Oh, Madeleine! I just got off the phone with my business coach and we had an official Madeleine Craig Lovefest. From both of us, we’re delighted with what you’ve created — color, placement, ideas.

Sharyn Reiff

Accent Modification Specialist, Clearly Said & Easily Understood

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